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What role does science play in today’s world?

The Reality:

We rely on the continual research and development of all scientific communities to help us improve our way of life. Science is a ‘progressive’ field. It is always questioning and learning more about the great energy matrix of life.

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
– Isaac Asimov

In general, some sections of the scientific community do cooperate and work together. The astronomical and physical sciences are steadily uncovering the secrets to what makes the universe tick, and in doing so, also discovering its seemingly paradoxical and ‘intelligent’ nature.

In the last century, Science has introduced the world to many new inventions and ethical challenges. Each time a great scientific power is discovered, a pandora’s box of potential problems is also unleashed. Atomic power did introduce humanity to a new energy source, but it also introduced it to the atomic bomb. Where a ‘scientific mind’ may see the potential to power a city, a ‘military mind’ sees the potential to destroy one. And so it is with all inventions of science. Each one brings us closer to greater freedom or destruction depending on how we choose to use it.

So the question is, do we have the intelligence to use these new scientific discoveries wisely?

The Psychological issues:

What is it about the human mind that takes a new scientific power and turns it into a weapon?

If you think about it, first there was the rock and club. Then the spear and bow & arrow. Then guns and grenades. Later poisonous gases and bacterial agents. Then atomic weapons of mass destruction. As each new power has been discovered, it has been weaponised and turned into a tool of violence and destruction. Why? Because people live in fear. They live in fear of one another and fear of the unknown. While such fear exists, they will continue to create weapons and use them against those that they fear. The whole purpose of ‘uniting humanity’ is to help remove this fear. When everyone is on the ‘same team’, there is no one left to fight! There is no country left to attack. There is no one left to be afraid of.

Together…we can now move forward in peace.

The Wise approach:

When you coordinate the ‘sharing’ of scientific research and knowledge, the potential for humanity to move forward in fields like space exploration and medicine will be truly phenomenal. What often holds us back, is our competitive attitude. Some research teams will discover one piece of a scientific puzzle, others will discover another. If they were simply to bring their collective knowledge together, the puzzle would be solved. Instead, due to personal and economic interests, research information is not often shared. It is privately controlled and patented by companies to protect their ‘investment’ value.

In a ‘cooperative’ world, this would not be the case. Research teams would coordinate their efforts and would therefore solve many of today’s problems much faster. They would also be able to correct many of the world’s environmental issues much faster.

It is vitally important however, that our ethical wisdom keeps pace with our scientific discoveries. In the past, we have failed miserably in this respect. We invented the gun – and now everyday we use guns to kill our own people. We discovered atomic energy, and then used that knowledge to create atomic bombs. Governments will sometimes also utilise their military power as a ‘political weapon’ to get what they want.

When our objectives are wise, our way forward is clear. We will be able to ‘develop our world’ using the ‘full potential’ of science and technology to help us. The doors to the universe will open and we will go forth and explore.

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