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National security is only possible with international security.

The Reality:

In recent years, countries have been initiating stronger national security measures, yet all generally still acknowledge that they are unlikely to ever be enough. They accept that if someone or a group of people are determined to cause harm, that they are likely to still find a way past all the security initiatives. So is it really possible to create an effective national defense strategy or is it just a hollow idea that has no real substance to it?

“We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.”
– Dwight D. Einsenhower

It is often said by those that lead, that their first obligation is to protect their people. But as has just been pointed out, can one really ever achieve this by building missile defence shields, barrier walls and other such ultimately futile devices? And what of the potential threats within the country? Can a country really protect its people by putting tighter and more restrictive measures in place?

The Psychological issues:

Security can only be achieved through unity. This is a simple psychological reality. Divisions lead to conflict. Unity and common purpose leads to peace.

As a country tries to lock down all security threats, it ends up creating a more ‘restrictive’ environment. This leads to a heightened degree of stress and paranoia. It leads to fear and distrust in others. The freedoms and civil liberties that people should be able to enjoy, begin to disappear. Clearly such a strategy is heading in the wrong direction!

The principle problem in the world today is the lack of unity and common purpose among humanity. Country’s focus on their own individual objectives to the exclusion of all others. What further exasperates the problem, is that they also often ‘take advantage’ of others to further their own ambitions. This is not the way forward. This is the way to war and violence. You do not enhance security in the world by exploiting other people or by creating divisions. You can only achieve it through unity.

The Wise approach:

If you start asking wise questions, you are much more likely to find wise answers. Have you ever noticed on talk shows how people keep asking the same ‘localised’ questions – “Do you think it would be better for Britain if we join the US in Iraq?” “Is the US better served and protected by going through the UN, or should it go alone?” “Is it in Japanese interests to stand by the Americans?” “Will Britain benefit by joining the EU?”

Time after time, question after question, it’s the same thing – How do we look after ‘ourselves’!

How about asking, “Would we ALL be better off if we started to work together?” Or “what would be the repercussions for everyone involved if Iraq is invaded and bombed?” “Can we find a more peaceful approach to removing dictators that are guilty of ‘crimes against humanity’ that does not involve bombing and killing innocent people in the process?” “How can we all work together to better serve the interests of everyone, and not just one’s own country?”

The news media are just as ‘nationalistic’ in this respect. There have been so many articles outlining only the deaths of the local country in various wars, ignoring the thousands of innocent deaths that have been caught up in each conflict.

We need to focus the questions on how our actions can benefit ‘the world’, and not just one’s individual country. Focus on how you can unite the world, instead of trying to ‘dominate and control’ it through economic and military power. Focus on peace instead of war. Instead of spending billions upon billions of dollars on ‘weapons of war’, just for once, how about trying to spend some money on ‘tools for PEACE’. It makes far more sense that when you actually invest your time and money on ‘peace initiatives’, you are much more likely to get a return! It’s not rocket science.

Unfortunately it is all too obvious why many governments are reluctant to invest in peace. You don’t make money from promoting peace. You make money promoting war. It’s this kind of insane attitude that has to change in the world and the only way to ensure that it does, is to make sure that there is wise leadership in place.

When we have a ‘common purpose’, we will all be heading in the same direction. Working together in this way, we will succeed in bringing peace and security to the world.

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