Human Rights

Human rights – a basic standard still being abused.

The Reality:

There are still many human rights abuses in the world today. These range from individuals suffering from unnecessary abuse, to whole country’s of people suffering at the hands of dictators and the like.

“I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample underfoot.”
– Horace Greeley

This kind of abuse has been happening for centuries. Every now and then in recent years the international community steps in and takes action. The majority of the time they do not. Taking action so often depends on whether there will be any ‘personal’ reward or benefit to helping those in need. If a country is not likely to get much out of ‘doing the right thing’, most will just stand by and do nothing.

Sometimes inaction is simply based on fear. A few countries that have invaded others are simply allowed to get away with it, as they have nuclear weapons at their disposal. Governments are simply unwilling to risk a potential nuclear confrontation over the invasion of a smaller country. So even if they disagree with what has happened, they will often just give the standard diplomatic rebuke and the matter is put aside. Some examples of such actions involve China and Tibet and the recent US/UK Iraq invasion. Governments may use nuclear weapons as defensive deterrent factors, but they also use them as offensive ‘tools’ to get their own way.

Human rights are also still being abused in cases that commonly involve women and children. Sometimes these abuses relate to religious or cultural beliefs. Sometimes, as in child exploitation, it relates to poverty.

The Psychological issues:

All human abuse cases involve psychological trauma to some degree. In many cases, as in child exploitation for sex or slavery, the trauma is extreme. Many children never fully recover from such experiences.

One of the factors involved in abuse, is that it often relates to something else. Psychologically, the majority of the world’s population are not violently abusing other people. They just get on with life. Generally people either have to be taught to act in this way (as when a soldier is taught to kill through repetitive conditioning) or they may feel they have no choice (as in selling children as sexual slaves) due to extreme conditions of poverty. Some act in a violent way towards others due to extreme religious or cultural beliefs. Pain is life’s way of telling us that there is something wrong. It is a mechanism by which we can learn. If we fail to learn, the pain only increases until we finally acknowledge the error of our ways.

The Wise approach:

The wise learn from all the pain in the world.

It may be a bold statement to make, but virtually all human-related problems in the world today can be resolved through the implementation of the IRG. The reason is quite simple. Most of the problems that humanity faces today relate to the ‘competitive’ economic infrastructure in the world. This ‘encourages’ people to be self-centred and greedy, and often brings out the worst in humanity. It also leads to wide divisions between the rich and poor, which leads to poor people having to make extreme decisions to survive, which can lead to violence…and so on.

When you focus on ‘correcting the cause’ of the world’s problems (regardless of how challenging that may be) everything will come back into balance – just as it should be.

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