Wisdom is the most important quality required for political leadership, and yet it’s clearly missing in governments throughout the world.

The Reality:

Take a look at your local newspapers. Wars, violence, greed, fraud, corruption, poverty, starvation… The pages are timeless. They speak of the same endemic problems that have plagued the human race for centuries. And yet we fail to understand why they happen. We fail to learn from our experiences, and so repeat them over and over again. Why?

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Every election, political parties make promises to put an end to the problems in society and the world at large. And every time they are given the chance – they fail. The same promises…the same failures. Does this mean that it cannot be achieved or do they just simply not fully understand what needs to be done?

When you FULLY understand the cause of the problems in the world and why they occur, you are able to FULLY resolve them. Clearly the leaders of today do not. Their approach to something that they do not understand is often to be aggressive. They attempt to try and ‘force a change’ upon the world through aggressive military and economic threats. The latest so-called ‘war on terrorism’ is just such a case. It is a pointless and completely futile attempt to achieve peace. No TRUE PEACE can ever be achieved through inflicting pain and suffering on other people. You might temporarily win one small battle but others will ultimately rise up. It is a foolish and dead-end pursuit.

To paraphrase Einstein, “You cannot solve the problems of the world with the same level of thinking that created them”. You must apply a level of ‘wisdom that is above’ the ignorance that created the problems. Not only was Einstein a great physicist – he was a wise man.

The Psychological issues:

Wisdom is the missing factor in the world today and unless we install a leadership model into the world based on wisdom, humanity’s problems will only get worse.

The trouble with so many governments in the world today, is that there are too many ego’s involved. Great leaders do not seek fame or glory, yet today so many politicians clearly do. Great leaders do not seek to be applauded for helping others in dire need, for where is our humanity when we turn away from those that need it most?

Leadership comes from the heart. It comes from having the courage to do what is right when people need our help, not just when it serves our own economic or strategic interests. It comes from caring about the world and all its creations, not exploiting them to your own ends. It comes from building unity and brotherhood in the world, not dividing and conquering people if they just don’t happen to see things as you do. Leadership is demonstrated in our ability to help people develop a better appreciation and understanding of the world, for it is only through a deeper understanding, that we develop wisdom.

Truly…it is rare to come across such people in government today.

The Wise approach:

The first priority is to ensure that humanity is ‘united’ towards the same objectives of peace, fairness and true cooperation in the world. Today this is simply not the case. Countries and their government representatives are always putting ‘their own personal and economic interests first’ which leads to the many problems that have been outlined.

You must start from a foundation of unity. To unite humanity so that all countries are truly ‘working together’ will require wise leadership and the implementation of an ‘International Representative Government’ (IRG). The IRG will ensure that the interests of ‘all people’ and the world’s environment come first, not any individual country or corporate enterprise. Establishing the IRG also ensures that for the very first time, humanity is ‘truly working together towards the same goals’ of world peace, security, happiness,…

Having established wisdom at the heart of humanity (IRG), it will inevitably flow from there to the many representative governments around the world. Humanity shall now bear the fruit of its wisdom instead of suffering the pain of its ignorance as it has in centuries past.

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