Foreign Affairs

One day a country is your friend. The next – your enemy.

The Reality:

International foreign affairs is one area where governments and countries have failed time and time again. International relationships have taken a serious downturn as countries focus on their ‘fight against terror’.

“There was never a good war or a bad peace.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Many governments (US, UK, France, USSR, China, etc) are very quick to point out that people are using bombs and weapons to kill each other, but slow to mention that they probably sold them the weapons in the first place! They are quick to point out that people are committing ‘terrorist’ acts, but ‘forgetful’ when it comes to acknowledging that they helped to train many of the ‘terrorists’. They also fail to mention that they helped to finance many of their past military operations when it was previously in their own strategic interests.

Now however, they complain that these same people have turned on them – like the puppet turning on the puppeteer. When it was in ‘their interests’, the governments sold them the weapons. They financed their ‘past terrorist operations’. And they helped train them to kill. For years, they have been sowing the seeds of violence around the world, and yet now stand incredulous and even angry that their proteges have turned against them.

Have you ever ‘once’ heard a political party mention that “if you vote for them, they promise to keep selling weapons to other countries”? Yet this is exactly what they do, and have been doing for decades. Selling weapons is a very profitable business.

The truth is, these governments ARE RESPONSIBLE for the spreading of wars and misery in the world. You can’t sell weapons and yet also claim to stand on the side of peace. That is simple hypocrisy!

Each time an act of war of violence breaks out in the world, governments take the moral high ground. In public they denounce the act of violence, but never renounce the SELLING OF WEAPONS! The acts of ‘terrorist violence’ today are just the seeds that they have sown coming back to haunt them. Sadly it is always the innocent that suffer due to the ignorance of others.

So what is their solution to this problem – attack, destroy, bomb and obliterate! Seek out the ‘evil doers’ wherever they may be, and bring them to justice. They would do well to first look in a mirror. There is a certain evil ignorance about any person that intentionally supports the selling of weapons that are designed for only one purpose – to kill.

Clearly, if this is the best that some governments can do, they haven’t got a clue about how to achieve peace in the world, nor do they really seem to care.

The Psychological issues:

Every action has a ‘reaction’, every cause an effect. Acts of violence only lead to more violence. This is a simple fact. Take a look at the Israeli and Palestinian conflict if you need proof.

Going on an international crusade to hunt down ‘all terrorists’ which you have designated as your enemies, is only going to lead to more violence, more bombing and more deaths of innocent people caught up in the ignorance of such actions. Anyone who thinks that such an insane and aggressive approach can somehow lead to peace in the world, clearly does not know the first thing about it.

If you attack someone, they are very likely to retaliate. If you kill them, their family or friends will likely seek revenge and try to kill you. It is always a no-win situation! Violence and aggression as some sort of insane strategy for peace, is truly the act of an insane mind. That is what you are seeing in Israel. It is what is happening in Iraq and in many other parts of the world. It all only leads to anger and hate, which just adds more fuel to the fire.

This is why Political Leadership Standards (PLS) are so important. It is imperative that leaders have wisdom and the right skills for the job or so many things can go wrong in the world and many lives can be lost. Political leaders need to be assessed for their level of wisdom BEFORE ever holding such important roles. If this were the case, we would all be living in a much more peaceful and united world today.

The Wise approach:

Instead of focusing on a ‘fight against terror’, countries and governments would be wiser to focus on addressing their own ‘ignorance’. That would start improving things immensely. If governments stop creating so many problems in the world, we would not require as many charities and international aid organisations to help fix their mistakes!

For a wise approach to international foreign affairs, start with the International Representative Government (IRG). There has to be unity in the world for there to be any real peace. While countries continue to focus on their own interests and personal agendas, they will always end up in economic and military conflict with others. Cause and effect. It’s as inevitable as the extinction of thousands of animal species if humanity does not stop destroying the planet’s environment.

Improving world relationships is all about ‘the needs of the many being more important than the needs of the one or the few’.

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