“A society can only be as great as its people”.

  • Over 130 million children, mostly girls, have no access to education on the primary school level.
  • In developing countries, 25% of all children entering schools are expected to drop out before even completing a primary education.

    Sources: United Nations Children’s Fund, WHO, ILO.

The Reality:

The quote above sums up the truth of life in the world today – A society can only be as great as its people. If all people were truly wise and wonderful, then the world would be a truly wise and wonderful place. Wars, violence, hate, anger….would not exist. These are the acts of ignorance, not wisdom. With wisdom, a world of peace, cooperation and happiness would now be the reality.

“The significant problems we face, can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at, when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Part of the reason why this world has yet to become a reality, is that we do not educate our children to be ‘wise and intelligent’ human beings. We are not teaching them how to be wiser ‘human beings’ or how to better understand themselves and the world in which they live. We are educating them to get jobs, to earn a living and to keep the cogs of human society turning. We are educating them to serve the financial ‘god’, in which we have given control of our lives!

Because of this, we are losing our ‘humanity’. Every day people are suffering in the world and governments stand by and do nothing about it as it is often not in there ‘financial or strategic interest’ to get involved.

In 1992, even though the United Nations warned of a possible genocide in Rwanda, 800,000 men, woman and children were slaughtered. The Nato commander at the time openly admitted that nothing was done to prevent it, as it was not in “anyone’s strategic interest”. Yet Iraq is bombed and attacked, and a huge military presence established there as it contains oil and a strategic access point to the Middle East. Governments rarely ever act in the interest of ‘humanity’. They only act in their own interests.

Education institutions need to start teaching our children these kind of things to help them understand what is wrong with the world today, instead of just trying to make sure they get good marks in exams. There is far too much emphasis on sterile education subjects and virtually no education that helps to elevate the wisdom, intelligence and compassion of a student’s understanding. We are just creating economic and materialistic replicants of society, instead of helping people to become wise and compassionate human beings.

The Psychological issues:

The psychological issues here are immense. They affect the future of the world. That is why introducing a subject on ‘Human Intelligence’ into education systems worldwide is the third key objective of TEAMHUMANITY. You cannot ensure a healthy and happy future for the human race if you keep ‘processing’ each new generation as if their sole task is to find a good paying job. That will only lead to further destruction in the world. The past generations have been very busy destroying everything in the pursuit of money. The pursuit of money often also creates a more hedonistic and self-centred attitude. A person can become psychologically ‘bound to their money’ and possessions. Once bound, they become controlled by their financial demons and find themselves sacrificing the things that are truly important in life.

It is exceptionally important that we start to educate all people on how to live wiser and happier lives, instead of just more ‘profitable’ ones.

The Wise approach:

The core focus of TEAMHUMANITY is to unite the world in true peace and cooperation. Before this can be achieved, each person needs to realise that they play an important part in helping to make this happen. Traditionally speaking, people hold the government accountable for all decisions that influence their country. If things are going poorly, the government is voted out and replaced with a new group whom often end up doing virtually the same things anyway. It’s a repetitive cycle to nowhere. The same bureaucratic decisions. The same rigid laws which people ignore and keep breaking. There is never enough ‘focus on the causes’ of the problems in the world. It is always the same futile ‘symptomatic’ approach. The causes stem from the state of each person’s heart and mind. It stems from the way in which they were educated and raised, and from knowing the role (or lack of role) models that they have had in their life. If a person breaks a law, they are ‘punished’. This does not however correct the problem! It is likely to occur again, only next time, the person will try harder not to get caught and may do something even more desperate and dangerous. We should instead be asking what led the person to do what they did in the first place, and then seek to make the necessary changes in our society.

To change such qualities in people’s attitude requires a much wiser approach to education. It also requires a more intelligent level of leadership to recognise this need, so that it can be implemented.

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