"We hold these truths to be self-evident...that all men are created equal"

Civil Rights and Justice

Civil rights and justice can only truly be achieved in a ‘civil and just’ world.

The Reality:

One of the most significant things about being human, is your ability to freely make your own decisions and choose your own path in life. A world that supports this right, is a just world.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

Protecting the civil rights of the individual is paramount to protecting the rights of all people. Each person should be empowered with the freedom and right to live life as they wish, ‘as long as their actions do not infringe on the same freedom, safety and rights of others’.

Let’s consider a few hotspot issues to see how this relates. On the issue of gun control, one has to consider whether guns make the world a safer place or not? On all accounts, it should be clear that they do not. They are weapons designed to kill!

In a ‘civil’ world, there would be no need for such weapons…but this if we are honest, is NOT yet a civil world. So we need to look ‘seriously and intelligently’ at how we can help to make it one. This is what TEAMHUMANITY is all about. By working together and applying wisdom to our lives, we can change the way things are, and improve the state of the world for everyone.

On the issue of abortion, this is clearly a medical practice that no doctor would ever want to have to perform. Doctors are trained to heal. They want to heal. So they are faced with a dilemma involving freedom of choice and protecting life.

When faced with a very similar dilemma involving freedom and protecting the life of a woman, a great teacher once said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. These words are wise indeed, for we all make mistakes in life (we have sinned). It is part of the process of how we learn. Acknowledging this truth, no one could cast a stone against the woman in question. And so it should be true today – even in the case of abortion where the decision is never easy and often regrettable.

Also – if you are truly ‘without sin’ then you would not be so quick to judge, and as such, would show ‘compassion’. Such a person would never condemn another for mistakes that are made. You can only hope that people will learn from their mistakes and so not repeat them.

True change is something that can only happen through ‘wiser education’ and compassionate understanding. It will not be achieved through government laws, violence or aggression.

There are still many countries, governments and dictators today that believe that ‘force and fear’ are acceptable political leadership standards. To them, enforcing change through brute force seems to be the limit of their thinking. This is a futile and foolish path. Violence only ever leads to more violence. Force only ever leads to rebellion. And creating laws does not stop people from abusing them. People will still murder, rape, steal…etc regardless of how many laws you create. Helping people to become wiser and more understanding is the only REAL SOLUTION to all of the world’s problems. That is how you create real change in the world.

The Psychological issues:

The psychology of civil rights and justice is simply the psychology of understanding. Governments so often just create ‘laws’ as reactions to the latest murder, human abuse or failing in society. It is NEVER a solution. It’s just a piece of paper of rules and punishments. That’s all. It will not stop people from committing murders, rapes, or violence of any type. It will not educate people to become better human beings. It will not prevent the ignorance in the world from continuing. To improve a society, you have to improve its people! There is no other way. The society is its people.

So the psychology for improving civil rights and justice in the world is quite simple. Stop creating futile laws for every stupid act committed in society and start spending time ‘seriously’ helping people to develop their potential, wisdom and understanding. Yes it’s the harder path, but at least it’s a path that actually leads to the destination you are trying to reach.

The Wise approach:

Wisdom is all about learning to understand life. In understanding life, one is better able to assess the wisest approach or decision to make.

When addressing issues involving freedom, privacy, civil rights and justice, one should consider the problem from all possible perspectives. Too often they are viewed from just one perspective, whether it be political, religious or legal.


Some issues are completely clear cut. For example, there has been a fair amount of debate about smoking in public places like restaurants. Often smokers say that they have the right to smoke if they wish…and so they do. But not if this act infringes on the rights of other people to breathe clean air in the same public place. Smoking is a serious health concern. We all know this. Intelligence will always win out in the end. That is why ultimately all public ‘enclosed spaces’ will become smoke-free. In many countries this is now the law. It is important that people who smoke however, be given the support that they need, to give up if they wish.


The conflicting views surrounding abortion are a little more complex. Some people are ‘pro-choice’. Others are ‘anti-abortion’. Is it possible to be both?

From an objective viewpoint, if a woman is pregnant, then the natural process of a new baby growing inside her has already begun. And so to intentionally interfere with that, or to terminate that new life form that is starting to grow, goes against nature and is therefore ‘inherently wrong’. A woman’s body is designed to allow her to give birth to new life – not to prevent it. For that reason, if a woman decides to act ‘against her natural biological instincts’ and still have an abortion, she will likely always regret this. Nature in its own way, is trying to make this clear.

Keeping this in mind, the other side of the abortion argument is the ‘right to choose’. Note the key words here – the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. That is all. This simply means the freedom to decide for yourself – not to be ‘forced’ by law to have to act in a certain way regardless of the circumstances involved.

A woman may contemplate an abortion for many reasons – age, lack of support, wrong partner, rape, etc. Being a parent is a full-time responsibility and requires a ‘serious commitment’. If any woman feels that she just can not, for whatever reason, live up to that responsibility, should she still be forced ‘by law’ to do so?

Making something illegal does not stop it from happening. Murder is illegal. It still happens. Theft is illegal. It happens. People sell dangerous drugs, governments start wars, exploit the vulnerable, lie under oath and commit acts of corruption. Laws by themselves just do not work. That should be very clear!

To correct the problems in the world, we have to address the true causes. This involves raising the wisdom of humanity throughout the world. When we address this, people will naturally make wiser decisions that don’t lead to regrets.

However, a question worth considering is this – ‘How many woman after having their child, ever regretted it?’ No matter how hard it may be, once the child is part of their life, it would be extremely rare that any woman would regret their decision. So one decision often leads to a regret that has to be lived with for the rest of your life, and the other usually results in the joy of having that child as part of your life.

Even so, if any woman decides that she is simply not ready to have a child, her decision should be respected. To try to force someone ‘by law’ to have a child that they ‘do not want, or do not feel ready for’ – for whatever reason, is also ‘inherently wrong’.

In time, many civil rights laws will become a thing of the past. That may sound unlikely considering what happens today, but when the unification of humanity takes place, the ‘tone of society’ will become much more positive and optimistic. People will recognise that we have indeed turned the page on much of the ignorance of our past. A new era of wisdom and understanding will have begun.

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