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Z-Day London, 2013 | Together – How we can solve the world’s problems by utilising our ‘Collective Wisdom’.


This Talk was presented at the London South Bank University at the annual Z-Day Conference, 2013.

It highlights how simple it really is, for humanitarian focused individuals, groups and organisations to address ALL of the world’s problems through unity and working together.

Humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations ALREADY possess the capacity to put an end to wars, poverty, economic corruption, greed, environmental destruction, human rights abuse, etc…effectively…all of the world’s major problems!



This action does not require political approval or cost anything at all. It is nothing more than a SIMPLE CHOICE! A decision.

The individual organs of the human body all benefit because they ‘work together for the common good of the whole body’. Humanity must do the same – starting with the humanitarian sector.

Can any person genuinely claim that they care about the world, if at the same time, they are not prepared to ‘work together’ with their fellow man?

You have the power to truly change the world today if you’ll simply link up with your fellow man. Truly – an end to war, poverty, and every other global problem is entirely within your reach!

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