God is not a solution – but a problem

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Osho offers his views about ‘God’.


The subject of ‘God’ or ‘Religion’ tends to evoke a lot of emotion and at times anger from any person that has a vested interest in wanting to validate or protect ‘their beliefs’. This is a normal reaction of a mind that first creates a set of beliefs and then sets out to re-inforce those beliefs. As the core belief structure is re-inforced again and again with similar related thoughts and ideas, the belief soon begins to totally dominate and take over control of the mind. The mind now interprets life according to how it ‘has been programmed’ – not as it truly is. This mental ‘conditioning’ process happens in all areas of society. People can become obsessed with money in the same way.

Consider a stockbroker that has developed a ‘belief’ that money equates to his sense of ‘self-worth’. He believes that only by accumulating great wealth can he feel that his life is worth something – and is a ‘success’. The more he builds on that idea or belief, the more ‘it controls his behaviour’. He is therefore very likely to make ‘compromised decisions’ in pursuit of accumulating more and more money.

Money is just printed pieces of paper and bits of metal – nothing more, nothing less. We give it meaning as a financial tool and have to ‘pretend’ that the pieces of paper and metal have some sort of ‘value’ in order for it to serve as a financial tool in society today. For many people though, it does not take much before they start to ‘lose themself’ in the world of money and it begins to totally control and dominate their life.

Any inquiring mind that is serious about wisdom and seeking the truth about life, has to approach all subjects with the same objectivity, impartiality and honesty. Does this mean that God does not exist and that religion has no value other than what we choose to assign to it? That’s for you to decide. Osho has his views. You are free to agree or disagree with them.

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