The real revolution – Part1

On March 12, 2011, in JK Krishnamurti, by Editor

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This video was produced by the ‘National Educational Television’ network. As is true in many of his talks, Krishnamurti discusses the need for a radical revolution in ‘consciousness’.


His talk begins by trying to help people understand that even though humanity has ‘intellectually’ progressed to develop a more advanced and technological society, the heart and inner world of human consciousness has remained very much the same. It is still ignorant – lacking wisdom, compassion and understanding. Society and governments do not truly cooperate or work together. Instead they compete against one another in a bid to dominate and control the world around them. They are not learning and so inevitably make the same mistakes over and over again.

He also speaks quite passionately about the need ‘to listen’ – to truly learn to listen to what is being said with one’s heart and total attention. Such open listening does not attempt to try and fit what the speaker is saying into one’s existing beliefs, thoughts or ideas. It allows a person to directly ‘absorb’ the truth of the words as they are being spoken.

He also touches upon the importance of recognising ‘what is’.

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