Observing Ourselves – Part3

On March 14, 2011, in JK Krishnamurti, by Editor

Wisdom Level:  Intermediate


This video was produced by the ‘National Educational Television’ network. As is true in many of his talks, Krishnamurti discusses the need for a radical revolution in ‘consciousness’.


In this second part of the talk he begins with a very relevant point; that we are all very much a product of the existing society. And society has a habit of repeating the same behaviour over and over. To look at a problem with a completely fresh awareness requires a mind that is very much ‘alive and open’ – an energised mind. Not a mind that is stuck in a rut and that merely habitually moves through life as society says it should.

In this sense, an open and awake mind will rebel against the repetitiveness and habits of society in so far as it can see that there is a much wiser way of doing things.

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