Observing Ourselves – Part2

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This video was produced by the ‘National Educational Television’ network. As is true in many of his talks, Krishnamurti discusses the need for a radical revolution in ‘consciousness’.


In this second part of the talk on Observation, he briefly touches upon the ideas of fear, time and belief, how they are related, and how an energised alive mind can exist without any of them. He tries to emphasize the point that the world’s problems can be solved if we give our full attention and understanding to them – which means seeing the whole problem – the root causes within our mind and heart (fears, beliefs, greed, insecurities…all our mental ignorance) and the actions that they inevitably exhibit in the world.

The mind’s patterns are all linked. Our doubts about life/death or whatever is unknown often lead to fear and insecurity. Fear and insecurity will sometimes lead us to seek security through a set of beliefs that provide an escape clause. These beliefs will then seek further security and authority for their existence in the form of organized religions. Organized religions have previously, and many often still do, control people through fear – thus re-inforcing the cycle.

The use of fear as a political weapon is also common. Krishnamurti suggests that instead of adopting beliefs to try to offset the fear which only creates more problems in the mind, isn’t it far wiser to simply understand why you are afraid?

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