Observing Ourselves – Part1

On March 14, 2011, in JK Krishnamurti, by Editor

Wisdom Level:  Intermediate


This video was produced by the ‘National Educational Television’ network. As is true in many of his talks, Krishnamurti discusses the need for a radical revolution in ‘consciousness’.


Part of ‘The Real Revolution’ series of talks, Krishnamurti discusses the value and importance of pure ‘observation’ – that which is without the interference of thought. To just be conscious of what IS happening – whether within the mind or as worldly experience. Awareness grows in any person that is capable of simply sitting quietly and observing thoughts that may arise – yet without becoming mentally attached to those thoughts. Like watching waves rise and fall on a sandy beach. Just watching.

He relates the idea of duality – the ‘Observer’ and what is ‘Observed’. And how such duality can be transcended through just pure observation – no labelling, no judgements, no thought. Just watching.

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