Who am I?

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This video was produced to explain and clarify one of the most fundamental questions of life – Who am I?


In the rudimentary sense, you can define who you are by the name or label you were given at birth. At a slightly deeper level when you have developed more awareness of the truth of this question, you may drop the label and just identify with being ‘a human being’.

Go deeper still, and you will eventually reach the infinite, absolute, undifferentiated, pure ‘unknown’. Who am I?

I don’t know.

And you can never, ever know!

If you do, it’s not truly you! It’s just another ‘identification’. Why? Because this is the state of ‘pure absolute consciousness’. In this state, there is ‘no way to consciously differentiate, or conceive’ of anything other than ‘what you are’.

To get a psychological glimpse of this state, consider the ‘transparency’ of the air around you. Now imagine that it is the ONLY thing that exists. There is no universe any more – no planets, stars, no form, shape, colour, sound – NOTHING – just total, absolute transparency – EVERYWHERE. And you are that. So there is ONLY YOU existing as this conscious transparency. To possibly ‘know who you are’, there has to be something ‘other than you’ – so that you can differentiate – and therefore ‘identify’ yourself. But when you are everything, how can you possibly identify yourself?

A truly wise person will have transcended all aspects of identification – entirely.

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