What is the Will of God?

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If you follow a religious path, have you ever considered this question?


The Will of God (depending on your ideas about ‘God’) can be directly linked to the evolutional movement of Life itself. This is very important to understand, and is discussed in the video “What is the purpose of life?”

Is it fair to say, that if God created Life and then initiated a ‘direction or movement’ that Life should take, then it is ‘God’s Will’ is it not, that all life forms should align themselves to that direction or movement as much as possible?

If you watch the video link above, you’ll discover that it talks about life forms developing to their highest potential – according to their design.

Therefore, if you wish to “serve God and truly do God’s Will”, then try to respect why God would want all Life forms to evolve to their highest and most perfect potential.

In the case of a ‘human being’, to evolve to your highest potential, essentially means to become the ‘wisest, most loving, understanding and compassionate human being’ that you can be.

So to do the Will of God – means to always try to become a wiser, more loving and truly understanding human being. Is this how you live your life?

Ask yourself for a moment, why this is so important. If ALL human beings around the world were truly wise, understanding and compassionate people, would the world still exist as it does today?

Do wise people start wars? Are they greedy? Do wise people sell weapons for profit? Where is the wisdom in National Governments competing AGAINST other National Governments (People AGAINST People) for economic power and control of the world’s resources? How is that kind of aggressive competitiveness and self-interest ever expected to help humanity move towards greater peace and unity in the world?

Are Governments in the world today acting wisely?

The truthful answer is ‘No – they are not!’ If they were acting wisely, they would stop competing AGAINST each other and start working together towards their common good. That’s what ‘wise leaders’ would do. They would UNITE their Governments and commit to working together for the common good of all people on this incredible planet.

So why does God want all life forms to evolve to their highest potential?

Well in the case of human beings, so that we all start acting more wisely in the world. So that we transform competitive self-interest to cooperation, wastage to efficiency, distrust to trust, war to peace, self-interest to unity and common good – or to sum it all up – ignorance to wisdom.

TRULY – LIFE is GOD’s RELIGION. God created Life. Life is God’s ‘Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita…’ to you. If you take the time to understand ‘Life’, then you will fully understand yourself and the truth of life itself.

The will of God is for all human beings to be wiser and more loving – to unite together as one people, and to work together towards our common good. That is God’s Will and hope for us. It’s also my hope for humanity. What about you?

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