What is the purpose of life?

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What is the purpose of life answered from an ‘absolute’ and ‘relative human perspective’.


If you ask people what they think the purpose of life is, you will get a range of different answers depending on the state of each person’s mind. Some may say that it’s just to be happy, others to procreate, to worship God, etc. However, for any human being to think that the ‘purpose of life’ should somehow ‘just relate to humanity’, is a pretty small-minded and egotistical notion to say the least. That would be to suggest that the Universe – or Life itself – in all its ‘phenomenal infinite magnitude’ exists just for the human race – and that is very self-centred! Humanity is but a single species in the great cosmic scheme of things. It may represent a more advanced species on this planet, but that is all it represents presently.

With questions like this, there are always two perspectives that need to be appreciated – the ‘absolute’ and the ‘relative human perspective’.

From an ‘absolute’ perspective – LIFE IS ALL THAT IS. At its heart or source, it is a Pure Undifferentiated ‘Infinite Potentialized Conscious Creative Power’. Its Conscious ‘identity’ is UNKNOWABLE as it is ‘Absolute Pure Conscious Oneness’. Conscious differentiation is required for any form of related ‘Identity’. It is the essence of all, the truth of all, the BEING of all. You can call it ‘God’ if you wish. At its heart, it exists prior/beyond any human conceptual ideas of purpose or meaning. In this state of existence, no such question of purpose would ever arise. It is eternally always ‘ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUS PERFECTION’.

From a ‘relative human perspective’, any purpose related to the existence of Life or the Universe would have to encompass the ‘movement and direction of all Universal Life’. To think that the purpose of life should somehow egotistically just relate to human existence – is completely missing the big picture.

If you observe Life, you will notice that it does have a definitive direction – and therefore an inherent purpose. The Universal Laws that govern LIFE propel it in a direction to evolve — whether it wants to or not! Life is an evolutionary process. Consider a single seed. A single seed will ultimately grow into a great and complex design which we call a ‘tree’. Likewise a single embryonic cell has the capacity to grow into a more advanced multi-billion-celled conscious life form – which we call a ‘human being’. Life – The Universe – The Planet – All Life Forms on this planet – are evolving and becoming more complex in design.

Therefore the inherent purpose of life as laid down by Life itself (God if you wish), is for you to evolve to your highest possible potential – to be the best human being that you can be!

The question then becomes, ‘what does it mean to be the best human being that you can be’?

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