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Being the best human being that you can be means expressing your full human potential – in mind, body and heart.



The heart is your direct connection point to the source of life itself. If your religious, it’s your communication channel to God. An open heart is loving. It is compassionate. It is understanding. It will wisely guide you when making decisions – as long as you listen to it.

Ideally the wisdom of the heart should ‘govern’ the mind.


The Mind should always take its direction from the heart. Problems occur however when the Mind asserts authority over the heart – especially when that mind is shrouded in ignorance. So why does this happen?

Mental conditioning is one reason. This is a process whereby the mind is conditioned or ‘programmed’ to think and behave in a certain way. It turns ‘open minded’ human beings into mechanical thinking people. This kind of mental conditioning can come from many sources – parents, education system, advertising, religion, etc. Only a honest and indepth investigation of your mind will reveal to you how much your mind may have been conditioned. It is this kind of conditioning that can restrict the true power of your heart.


Most people today know what’s required to maintain a healthy body – good diet, exercise, etc. There are also a great number of other complementary health practices which can enhance the mind and body’s health – Martial Arts, Yoga, Chi Exercises, Breathing Practices, etc. As much as possible, you want the body to be an energetically alive ‘channel’ for the source of life itself.


When you have a pure and wise heart, open mind and energetic body, you have all the necessary qualities which allow the human form to be a powerful ‘channel’ for wisdom, love and compassion to be expressed into the world. In ‘opening yourself to life’ in this way, you are fulfilling your highest human potential.

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