God – The Absolute One and only

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This video has been re-titled from the original to reflect the focus of the talk.


In this video, Da Free John offers a range of views regarding the existence of God that would on the face of it, seem to contradict another video presented by Osho entitled Osho: God is not a solution – but a problem – which seems to suggest the exact opposite.

However both teachers are coming at the subject from a different perspective. Osho presents his views from a ‘pure perspective’ of NOT wanting to label what is effectively an ‘Absolute Undifferentiated Consciousness’ as ‘God’ and as such, argues that ‘God’ as defined in the classical religious sense definitely does not exist. Whilst Da Free John does assign this Absolute which exists as all things the label of ‘God’ for the simple purpose of clear communication and so does say God exists.

He still however makes it clear that ONLY God exists. All life is merely an expression of God’s infinite potential.

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