Ego death and the chaos of experience

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This video discusses ‘the ego’ or the delusional state of a self-identified mind.


From an aware point of view, a video series about the death of the ‘ego’ does seem a little misleading from the get go for the simple reason that no such thing actually even exists. So for something to die or end when it never actually exists does seem delusional in itself. But that is the whole point of this series of videos – to awaken from the delusional idea of ‘the ego’.

It is in fact the ‘mind itself’ through the creation of ‘thought structure’ that comes to believe it exists as some sort of ‘individual ego’. In truth all human beings are ‘conscious beings’ – but they are not individual conscious beings. They are expressions of ‘consciousness’ itself with unique mental personalities. A good analogy to clarify this would be to consider a forest of trees. Each tree is unique and different from all the other trees and yet every tree is rooted in the ‘same ground’ – just as all human beings are unique in physical design and personality but are still rooted in the ‘same absolute consciousness’.

Da Free John shares a range of different perspectives to help shed some light on the concept of ego. You can find more information about any of those subjects by selecting the appropriate link below.

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