Martin Luther King, Jr


Martin Luther King, Jr

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Martin Luther King dedicated his life to ‘actively protesting’ against the moral weaknesses of American government and society with a specific focus on civil rights and equality for all. Inspired by the teachings and actions of Mahatma Gandhi, and with the support of millions, he helped revolutionise social and civil rights thinking in America.

Martin Luther King, Jr entered the world in Alanta, Georgia, USA in 1929. He departed in 1968 when he was shot in Memphis, Tennessee.

He is best known for being an iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights in the United States and around the world, using nonviolent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

A Baptist minister, King became a civil rights activist early in his career. He led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957, serving as its first president. King’s efforts led to the 1963 March on Washington, where King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. There, he expanded American values to include the vision of a color blind society, and established his reputation as one of the greatest orators in American history.

In 1964, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other nonviolent means. By the time of his death in 1968, he had refocused his efforts on ending poverty and stopping the Vietnam War.


“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”



Discussing racism in America

‘I have a dream…’

His prophetic last speech


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Martin Luther King, Jr

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