Mantak Chia


Mantak Chia

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Seminars & Practice.

Mantak Chia – entered the world in 1944 in Bangkok, Thailand. He is well known for his teachings of Taoism and has written numerous books on health and healing.

He has studied many health, healing and body-mind disciplines – Meditation, Buddhism, Zen, Muay Thai boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu, etc. Of all his masters, the most influential one was Yi Eng (White Cloud), a reclusive hermit of the Dragon’s Gate sect of the Quanzhen (Complete Perfection) school of Taoism who taught Mantak a complete Taoist training system and authorized him to teach and heal.

The wholistic focus of his teachings is on developing integrated physical, mental and spiritual health. Taoist practices help people develop their ‘chi’ or life energy.


“To be a Taoist is to experience life as a harmonious flow of life energy.”

“Proper diet can become an instrument for maintaining health and cultivating increased levels of awareness.”



Chi Kung Exercise #1

Chi Kung Exercise #2

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Developing Chi:

Tendon Strength – Chi Kung Exercise 1 Beg 4:48 Tendon Strength – Chi Kung Exercise 1

Sexual Energy:

Transforming Sexual Energy Int Transforming Sexual Energy


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