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Grant Dive (Author nom-de-plume – James Christopher) appeared in New Zealand in 1968.

During his teenage years, he developed a very passionate interest in the deeper, more spiritual aspects of life and began to seriously study, investigate and question all aspects of how to live a healthy, happy and profound life. He studied multiple disciplines which included some of the following – martial arts, philosophy, eastern diet and health practices, chinese herbology, mental development and awareness, meditation, reiki, yogic breathing techniques, along with many spiritual teachings – buddhism, christianity, taoism, zen, etc.

He had many influential philosophical teachers including J.K Krishnamurti, Michio Kushi, Bruce Lee, Mantak Chia, Da Free John, Ramana Maharshi,…

Over a dedicated 10 year period, he ‘studied’ hundreds of books on all of these subjects, meditated for thousands of hours, contemplated every kind of philosophical question about life and practiced many body-mind health disciplines daily.

This dedication and practice led to many insights about life. After considering how it had in some cases been unnecessarily difficult to realise some of the essential truths about life, he decided to write a book about developing greater wisdom and understanding – to make it easier for other people in future.

He continues to use that knowledge and a range of technical skills to provide both the resources and vision to help humanity take a wiser path towards its future.


“A society can only be as great as its people.”

“You are a part – life is the whole. Instead of asking ‘what do you want from life’, isn’t it wiser to ask ‘what does LIFE want from you’?”

“You become someone, only when you have realized that you are in fact…no one.”

“An open mind can see beyond itself, whereas a closed mind will only see what is barricaded within it.”



‘International Humanitarian Organisation’

The need for ‘Political Leadership Standards’

‘Teaching Wisdom in Education’


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The Big Questions:

Who am I? Adv 3:36 Who am I?
What is the purpose of life? Adv 4:38 What is the purpose of life?
What does it mean to be the best human being you can be? Int 2:59 What does it mean to be the best human being you can be?


World Unity and Cooperation:

Z-Day London 2013 – South Bank University – ‘Utilising our Collective Wisdom’ Beg 35:04 Z-Day London 2013 - 'Utilising our Collective Wisdom'
International Representative Government Beg 4:11 International Representative Government
One People, One World Beg One People, One World
Competition vs Cooperation Beg 2:28 Competition vs Cooperation


Political Leadership:

Political Leadership Standards Beg 2:55 Political Leadership Standards


Wisdom in Education:

Teaching Wisdom in Schools Beg 2:18 Teaching Wisdom in Schools



What is the Will of God? Int 2:13 What is the Will of God?


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