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Following is a selection of recommended authors to help you develop greater wisdom and understanding. As you will appreciate, different writers tend to appeal to different levels of learning. For that reason, below this selection of books you will find a list of recommendations based on reading level and interest.

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Recommended Books:

On the path towards wisdom and greater understanding, it often helps to be able to receive a few tips and pointers along the way. One of these is to ensure that you can easily find reading material relative to your current level of awareness. For example, a person just starting out on the path would struggle to fully comprehend some of the writings of Da Free John, just as someone with a more advanced understanding would find the writings of other authors maybe too simple.

So here is a general guide to assist you.


- Health and Martial Arts -

The Mind and Body are one. So an important part of the path towards greater wisdom is to maintain a healthy and strong body.

Bruce Lee

Bruce’s pinnacle writing work was his first book ‘The Tao of Jeet Kune Do’. If you have an interest in Martial Arts, this book masterfully integrates the philosophical wisdom of life into Martial Arts teachings.

Recommended: Tao of Jeet Kune Do

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”
Bruce Lee

Mantak Chia

Mantak Chia has dedicated his life to teaching people about internal energy (chi). A good book to help you learn more about developing your own internal energy is ‘Awaken Healing Energy Through Tao’.

Recommended: Awaken Healing Energy Through Tao

“There are so many wizards of the computer, stock market, test tube, and spectator sport,
but so few of the art of life.”

Mantak Chia

Deepak Chopra

Deepak takes a more scientifically recognised approach to developing a healthy body and mind in one of his original classic’s ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’. This book also emphasises the integral relationship of one’s Body-Mind.

Recommended: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: A Practical Alternative To Growing Old

“To think is to practice brain chemistry.”
Deepak Chopra

- Healthy Mind and Society -

Our state of mind reflects our wisdom in life. And the state of all human minds reflects the state of the world. So if we expect to become wiser human beings and improve the state of the world, then we have to spend some time developing a healthier and wiser state of mind.

J.K Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti specialised very much on helping people to become fully aware of the state of their mind. He would then help relate that state of mind to what is happening in the world.

Recommended: Freedom from the Known

“If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.”
JK Krishnamurti


Unlike Krishnamurti, Osho’s approach to people’s conditioned mentalities was more direct and rebellious. He would constantly challenge people to snap out of their ‘sheep mentality’ and awaken to their true potential to live life with real joy and happiness.

Recommended: Courage: the Joy of Living Dangerously (Insights for Living)

“You have to drop all your defenses, only then is intimacy possible. We are all hiding a thousand and one things, not only from others but from ourselves.”

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart originally become recognised as an international teacher through the publication of his book ‘The Power of Now’. This book primary focuses on helping the reader to fully appreciate ‘the present moment’.

Recommended: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”
Eckhart Tolle

- Developing Wisdom in Life -

These books tend to address a wide range of subjects related to wisdom and universal understanding. They cover a range of subjects – Mind, Consciousness, Love, Happiness, Relationships, Society,…Life, Death and everything inbetween!

James Christopher

The focus of his life is very much centred on unifying humanity to finally bring peace to the world. ‘Pure Power’ covers a great range of subjects that encourage the reader to seriously question and fully understand life for themself.

Recommended: Pure Power: How to Achieve World Peace and Happiness

“A society can only be as great as its people.”
James Christopher

- The Spiritual Journey -

These books share wisdom and understanding through the journey of a story. They tend to cover a range of subjects about how to live a wiser and more fulfulling life.

Dan Millman

‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ is a classic tale of ‘student meets teacher’ and the journey of wisdom and self-discovery that unfolds. It is a story about overcoming ignorance and adversity and has also be made into a feature film.

Recommended: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

“If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever.”
Dan Millman

- Specialist Subjects -

These books are more specifically about the trials and life challenges of some great human beings that have made a positive contribution to society

Martin Luther King, Jr

The life of Martin Luther King Jr ultimately centred around the struggle for civil rights and freedom in America. In his autobiography, he covers what life was like for him growing up as the son of a preacher and how it defined him as a man.

Recommended: The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King Jr

Mahatma Gandhi

This is his autobiography is which he imparts his views about life. He discusses the challenges he faced throughout his life and his quest for greater truth and understanding of life itself.

Recommended: An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth

“I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.”
Mahatma Gandhi


- Quantum Physics and Consciousness -

Gregg Braden

‘The Divine Matrix’ blends ancient wisdom and teachings with modern scientific insights and discoveries. Gregg utilises his scientific knowledge and intuitive wisdom to help readers better understand the structure of the universe.

Recommended: The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

“Quantum particles can communicate with themselves at different points in time. They’re not limited by the concepts of past, present, and future. To a quantum particle, this is now and there is here.”
Gregg Braden

Da Free John

Likely to be considered his most fundamental work, ‘The Dawn Horse Testament’ was Da Free John’s first book of many. The writing style and subject material does require an advanced level of awareness from the reader to be fully appreciated.

Recommended: The Dawn Horse testament of Heart-Master Da Free John

“Ego: The ego does not exist. It is a model of interpretation. It is a way of making sense out of nonsense.”
Da Free John

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