YES – Let’s UNITE and WORK TOGETHER towards our common good!

Achievement through Teamwork



Global problems require global solutions and teamwork.

TEAMHUMANITY stands for a new model of world peace and international cooperation between all countries. Join us and help make this change happen. It’s FREE.

By joining TEAMHUMANITY, you are simply showing that you would support the following:

  1. That you would like to see a REAL COMMITMENT by the countries of the world to unite and work together ‘for the good of all humanity’, instead of just continually fighting and competing between themselves for their own economic and strategic interests.
  2. That you would support an “International Representative Government” for humanity to achieve this commitment and unity in the world. This would be based on a cooperative “wise leadership” model. It would be truly representative of ALL COUNTRIES and be responsible for protecting the lives of ALL PEOPLE.

This ‘unity of purpose and action’ will allow us to address all the major global problems that we face today. It will ensure that we respect the planet, its animals and resources, and also safeguard and protect the future of humanity. Thank you for your support.

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