‘One People, One World’ – Working Together

A Global Collaboration

Working together as ‘One People’ – towards our common good – is at the heart of what TEAMHUMANITY is all about.

It is why this website was created in the first place: To support the vision that we can achieve the goals and positive change in the world that we all know in our hearts is possible – as long as we work together.

So Link Up – and TOGETHER – let’s Unite the World!


Create a LinkWorld of Wisdom

STEP 2 – Link Up!


STEP 2 of this Global Strategy is the ‘Organisation’ phase. It is about ensuring that the necessary tools are in place, in terms of both people and resources – and about ‘initiating the link-up process’ towards unity and cooperation.

WE WANT YOU to become part of this exceptionally important process of linking up and uniting the world!

This phase is also about clarifying to humanitarian and activist individuals, groups, charities, NGO’s, etc – why it is beneficial to EVERYONE – that we unite and work together towards our common good.

However – let’s be perfectly clear about what ‘unite and work together’ means at this point. This is simply a ‘CALL TO UNITY’ – to agree to ‘support true global unity and cooperation in the world’.

We are not asking any Group, NGO or Organisation to change anything that they are currently doing in their normal day-to-day operations.

We are simply asking humanitarian-focused people, groups and organisations to ‘LINK UP’ – and thereby play an IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE PROCESS OF UNITING HUMANITY!

Effectively – we need to first UNITE through the Internet (a representation of the global mind of humanity), and then as the number of ‘neural links’ grow, this unity will lead to the progressive integration of the world – and the next phase will begin – ‘One People, One World’ Global Conferences. Refer to the graphic on the right.

As the Unity process continues to expand, it will ‘naturally head towards its inevitable goal’ – the establishment of a ‘United Organisation for Humanity’ – based on wisdom, global cooperation and the highest levels of human understanding.

“Although a person may be weak and vulnerable, the more people he stands with, the more powerful he becomes.”

On this website, this Organisation has been referred to as an ‘International Representative Government’ – but this is just a name. Essentially, the name of the Organisation is not as important as what it would represent. The current name simply tries to express the ideal of an ‘internationally democratic representative organisation – but based on real wisdom, unity and global cooperation’. This is unlike any kind of government that exists in the world today.

Government’s today are a ‘very poor example’ of unity, wisdom or cooperation. In fact, they tend to represent the exact opposite – divisions, ignorance and political self-interest! This is why people are fed up with them.

As a PEOPLE – when we are united by our common good and humanity – we will accomplish great things. This globally united Organisation will have the authority to address the world’s problems, and to significantly improve the state of the world for the benefit of all people.

No person, group or humanitarian Organisation has anything to lose at all by supporting real global unity and cooperation in the world – and yet ALL OF US – TOGETHER – have so much to gain!

Is it really this simple to unite the world and fix the problems?


We have seen far too many good people with good hearts, try to initiate ideas to help make the world a better place – but they do so with such little support. With limited resources, any person or group can spend years – even decades – trying to make a real difference and still achieve very little.

We want to see your ideas help the world NOW! Not years or decades from now. People everywhere – families and innocent children around the world, are struggling right now just to survive and get through the day! They don’t have the luxury of waiting.

So doesn’t it make much better sense that we just support one another – and TOGETHER form the biggest ‘International Humanitarian Movement’ the world has ever seen! As a United MOVEMENT – the world will now listen, and the global media will get involved. This MOVEMENT will give a voice to the true ‘heart of humanity’ which all humanitarians represent.

How fast can we do this? That’s up to you! How fast can you create a link on your website, meetup site and/or social media page? Let’s get your ideas out there, to help the world as fast as possible.

This is what we are advocating – Stop struggling alone – Link Up and WORK TOGETHER!

In STEP 2 – You simply ‘socially link up’ and we start creating a new ‘International Humanitarian Movement’ for world change. When enough ‘members/followers’ from the combined groups exist in each location, a ‘One People, One World’ Conference will be held in that location to promote a ‘unified message’. Advertising will be promoted in the local newspaper inviting the public to attend as well. All costs will be dealt with. We are not going to let something as trivial as money get in the way of uniting the world!

These events will be promoted globally. They will help others all around the world, realise the benefits of humanity working together as ‘One People’ – for the good of all. We would like these events to be professional, highly informative, inclusive, and give every supporter the opportunity to get involved. Through our unity, and by combining the numbers of ‘ALL OF THE GROUPS’, the next STEPS become a ‘psychological inevitably’.

The 5 Steps to Success:

To transform the world into the incredible global vision that so many people know humanity is capable of achieving, requires Individuals, Groups and Organisations that have a humanitarian focus, to TEAM UP and work together towards that reality. The steps to achieve it are incredibly simple!

  • STEP 1 – Build the foundation and strategy – COMPLETED.
  • STEP 2 – Simply ‘Link Up’ to show you support ‘unity and working together’
  • STEP 3 – As Individuals, Groups and Organisations show their support, they deliver their unified message at a ‘One People, One World’ Public Conference in their own global location. This common-sense message of ‘unity and working together’ will inevitably gain more and more public support. Click this link – One People, One World – to find out more.
  • STEP 4 – Mainstream Media – Due to the number of people, groups and organisations now sending out the same message of ‘uniting and working together towards our common good’, the ideas will gain more attention in the general media and be globally debated and discussed. As the benefits become more obvious to everyone, it is inevitable that humanity will finally ‘unite and work together as one people’ to resolve its global challenges and issues – many of which, like wars and poverty – have been destroying lives for centuries.
  • STEP 5 – A new International Humanitarian Organisation (based on a Wise Leadership Framework) can then be implemented. It will support all people, address the global challenges, and protect the planet for all future generations. The end of all wars will be one of the immediate benefits! They literally cannot exist in a psychologically ‘unified world’ based on true cooperation. Implementing all the great ideas that people have to help ‘our world’ can now be actioned without National Government or Corporate self-interest getting in the way. Addressing poverty, the environmental concerns…etc. The purpose of the IHO (Alternatively named – International Representative Government) is to protect, serve and meet the needs of ALL PEOPLE – utilising available technology and global resources in the most efficient manner possible.


– It is through ‘OUR UNITY’ that this literally starts to become a reality –



Global Strategy Roadmap:


Global Strategy Roadmap

Link Up

Linking Up

LINK UP – Help Unite the World!

Supporting Unity:

There are literally thousands of humanitarian groups and organisations trying to help improve the state of the world, and many millions of people actively involved – Action Aid, Amnesty International, AVAAZ, Christian Aid, Free World Charter, Greenpeace, London College of Spirituality, Occupy Movement, Oxfam, Red Cross, Simpol, TEAMHUMANITY, Unicef, VSO, WaterAid, World Vision, WSPA, Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement…to name just a few.

What would happen if they all started to ‘unite and work together’ towards a single goal – that would achieve all of their goals – and so much more!

Every group often has to overcome a great number of challenges to succeed at what they do. This may involve – Political Obstructionism, Government Corruption, Corporate Self-Interest, Public Apathy, Fund-Raising challenges, Personal Time Constraints, etc.

“When humanitarian Individuals, Groups and Organisations link-up and combine their numbers and strengths – they will all succeed!”

Overcoming these Challenges:

So what is the wisest, most efficient and strategic path to success – WORK TOGETHER. In order to help all humanitarian-focused individuals, groups and organisations achieve their key objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible, we want people to link-up and unite their energy. This will help for two key reasons.

  • When people work together – it significantly amplifies their ability to achieve their goals!
  • It also actually ‘demonstrates’ what can be achieved when people globally work together – and utilise their shared wisdom to help improve the state of the world

The Benefits:

1. When you link up, we will link back to you – on this site AND the ‘One People, One World‘ site – and update your details. We will also promote what you do under your particular focus and goals. Here are some examples.

2. We are a TEAM – plain and simple. This site was not called ‘TEAM Humanity’ without reason. Every person on this planet has something positive to offer. We endeavour to engage people’s strengths where we can, so that each person can positively participate, wherever they feel that they can help the most.

No one can unite the world alone. We have to do it TOGETHER. WORKING TOGETHER for the common good of all people, is the true spirit of humanity.

It’s simple – when humanitarian individuals and groups link up and work together…it will happen! The rest of the process becomes a ‘psychological inevitability’.

Our goal: To ‘Unite the World’ – and to base that Unity on the highest standard of ‘collective wisdom’ in the world – from all sectors of society; Scientific, Social, Economic, Technological, Environmental, etc. We know that if we unite the world and draw upon the very best of humanity, that we can successfully address every global challenge in the world today!

If this is what you also want, then LINK UP…and let’s unite the world!

3. When sufficient people (individuals, groups and organisations) show support for unity in your country, there will be an opportunity to get directly involved in the ‘One People, One World’ Conference. This is part of the process towards ‘global unity and cooperation’. We will help organise and promote this conference. We want to demonstrate firsthand, the benefits of people using ‘their collective wisdom and working together towards their common good’.

To LINK UP – Follow these 2 Simple Steps!


Create a Link

STEP 1 – Create a Link


Insert one or more links on your website home page, meetup site and/or social media page. Ideally, if it fits in with your website design, the ‘social media icon’ would be our preferred choice to help create greater social awareness. If we all start to link-up with this icon, it will become a ‘symbol of our commitment to true unity and cooperation in the world’.

View our website – at the top of the page – as an example.

[tabs style="1"] [tab title="Hyperlink"]


It’s simple – Just copy and paste the HTML code below into an appropriate sentence on your website home page, meetup site and/or social media page. Adjust the words: ‘Link Up – Help Unite the World!’ – if you wish, as long as the general message remains about the same. For example – ‘We support peace and unity in the world’, etc.


It will function and look like this, depending on your website CSS link style:

Link Up – Help Unite the World!

HTML Code:

<a title="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" href="">Link Up - Help Unite the World!</a>
[/tab] [tab title="Social Media Icon"]


Just copy and paste the following HTML code into an appropriate icon location on your website home page, meetup site and/or social media page. View our site (at the top of this page) as an example. Contact us if you would like a social media icon designed to a different size or specification.

If you’d prefer the icon graphic to be accessed from your own web server, right click and save it; then upload it to your images folder and change the ‘img src’ path to your own web server images location.

Icon (16×16 .png file)

Link Up - Help Unite the World!

HTML Code:

<a title="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" href=""><img src="" alt="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" /></a>

Icon (32×32 .png file)

Link Up - Help Unite the World!

HTML Code:

<a title="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" href=""><img src="" alt="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" /></a>
[/tab] [tab title="Graphics"]


Alternatively, here are a few graphics that could be used as well. Just copy and paste the following HTML code into an appropriate location on your website home page, meetup site and/or social media page.

If you’d prefer the graphic to be accessed from your own web server, right click and save it; then upload it to your images folder and change the ‘img src’ path to your own web server images location.

Wisdom Graphic (64×64 .png file)

Link Up - Help Unite the World!

HTML Code:

<a title="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" href=""><img src="" alt="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" /></a>

One People, One World (280×204 .png file)

Link Up - Help Unite the World!

HTML Code:

<a title="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" href=""><img src="" alt="Link Up - Help Unite the World!" /></a>

[/tab] [/tabs]

STEP 2 – Forward your Details


It’s Simple!

Once you’ve completed STEP 1, simply complete this form – and we’ll do the rest!

You are always free to make updates and changes to your links or information at any time. Once we receive the following details, we will contact you, and start promoting what you do as you can see from some of these examples.

  • What is the URL Address of your Website, Meetup site, Group or Organisation link?
  • Please provide a contact email address for confirmation.
  • Add any additional comments. We want as many people as possible to play an active role in uniting the world. If you have skills that can help, let us know. In the end, we succeed together by uniting and supporting each another - not by focusing on our self.

One World

'One People, One World' Public Conference's

‘One People, One World’ – Public Conference’s

This is STEP 3 in the process towards global unity.

Why is this so important?

When humanity unites as ‘One People’ and starts to truly work together towards its common good, then it is demonstrating its highest wisdom. The unification of humanitarian-focused people and groups is the start of this global process.

Holding professional ‘One People, One World’ Conference’s around the world has many benefits.

  • It helps to psychologically integrate the various groups and organisations through a neutral theme, promoting our ‘common humanity’ and the key benefits of working together.
  • It will actually demonstrate to the general public what can be achieved when we choose to ‘globally work together towards our common good’.

What is its general purpose?

  • Firstly, to showcase to the public the great things that individuals, groups and organisations are doing, in trying to improve the state of the world.
  • Secondly, to show the general public and media, exactly what the world could be like, if we work together as ‘One People’ for the common good of all.

Why is a ‘unified message’ important?

As the number of individuals, groups and organisations starts to increase, it is important that this energy is unified and channeled towards global unity in a professional and organised manner. This will also ensure that everyone is sending out the same message – which will naturally ‘amplify’ the message to the rest of society. Instead of the public and media being constantly bombarded with a ‘lot of different messages about the hundreds of different problems in the world – which can sound like a lot of ‘noise’ – they will start hearing a single ‘crystal-clear message’ – Humanity can fix ALL of its major problems by simply uniting and working together – One People, One World.

The rest of society will then start to ask, ‘Why are people talking about humanity uniting and working together as One People? What are the benefits if we do this? How can it be done?’

This is when ‘STEP 4′ begins to naturally unfold.

People talking about Unity and Working Together:

People are becoming more and more aware, that to make a real difference in the world, humanity needs to unite and work together towards its common good. And that sense of global unity and cooperation is starting to find a voice within society.

Here are some examples of other people talking about the need for greater unity and cooperation in the world.

Peter Joseph

Highlighting the need for greater unity

The Zeitgeist Movement


- Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is the founder of ‘The Zeitgeist Movement’.

He has produced a number of films highlighting the defects in the economic system and suggested a ‘Resource Based Economy’ as an alternative system that is more appropriate to the needs of society today. In a recent video, he emphasised an important view – “I am in deep support of a large, grassroots global movement that unifies humanity to step up…” (from 6:00 min on)
[note color="#FBEFF2"] We fully support this view and consider that only through real unity and cooperation between all people, groups and organisations that are trying to help improve the state of the world, can any ‘real change’ be achieved.

Too much focus today is only on ‘half measures’ – which do not address the core problems.

John Bunzl

Global Governance

Simpol (Simultaneous Policy)


- John Bunzl

John Bunzl is the founder of ‘Simpol’.

John recently gave a TEDx Talk titled ‘Thinking like Einstein’ and discussed how ‘global governance’ and decision making becomes a necessary reality in a more globalised world.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

Olympics 2012


- Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister (UK)

After a very successful 2012 Olympics result for British Athletes, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown commented that “When we pool and share resources for the common good, it’s often the case that the benefit is far greater than would have occurred if we’d just summed up and added up the parts.”

It is the unity of humanity and the highly efficient ‘cooperative sharing of global resources’, that is part of the wisdom of this vision for the future of humanity. Not only is it wise to act this way – it also means that EVERYONE benefits and wins!

During the Olympics, there was TEAM GB, TEAM USA, TEAM NZ and many other teams – all vying to be the best. To create global success for everyone so that we ALL WIN, we need to unite as TEAM HUMANITY.

[note color="#FBEFF2"] It’s great to see someone like Gordon Brown appreciate what can be achieved at a ‘National Level’ when people ‘pool their available resources and work together for the common good’.

The same principle applies at a ‘Global Level’ – but the benefits are wide-ranging and significantly greater for EVERYONE!

Working Together

This section will list the Individuals, Groups and Organisations and their links that are willing to work together with others, to create a better world for everyone! Invitations to start uniting and working together will start going out to a number of groups and organisations soon.

Individuals Working Together


Country Name Focus Connect

United Kingdom

James Parker Philosophical Magician (, WiseTalk ( James Parker - Philosophical Magician WiseTalk
Gavin Peacock Social Entrepreneur – WeCanBeMore Global Partners (, Gavin Peacock - Social Entrepreneur Leader



Groups Working Together

This section will list groups and their links that make a commitment to unite and work together in partnership with others. As an example, here are a few groups that may interest you.

For illustration purposes only:

Avaaz — meaning “voice” in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages — launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“AVAAZ is the campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision-making worldwide”

For illustration purposes only:

The Free World Charter is a statement of principles that has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“Let’s make everything free”

The Free World Charter

For illustration purposes only:

The London College of Spirituality (LCS) is a grassroots social enterprise, a portal for infinite individuals, You, to share, explore and connect with others on a similar wavelength.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Meetup Site | Email

“The Journey begins with the Journey within”

London College of Spirituality

For illustration purposes only:

Positive Money believes that the root cause of many of our current social, economic and environmental problems lies in the way that we allow money to be created. We campaign for fundamental reform of a system that is fuelling debt, poverty and economic and environmental crisis.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“Change Money – Change the World”
Positive Money

For illustration purposes only:

The Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign allows citizens around the world to use their votes in their national elections to solve global problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“Breaking down the barriers to solving world problems”


For illustration purposes only:

The Zeitgeist Movement aims to help humanity join together in developing a sustainable social system via a Resource Based Economy.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“We must become the change we want to see in the world” – Gandhi

The Zeitgeist Movement


Organisations Working Together

This section will list the Organisations and their respective links that have made a commitment to unite and work together with others, to build a better world for everyone. We would like this to include all the major Humanitarian Organisations, NGO’s, etc. Here are some possible examples.

For illustration purposes only:

The British Sikh Community will be approached to lend its support to the unification of humanity based on a wise and cooperative framework, for the good of all people.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Email

“A national forum of Sikh Gurdwaras and Organisations”

British Sikh Consultative Forum

For illustration purposes only:

Greenpeace is a global environmental organisation, consisting of Greenpeace International (Stichting Greenpeace Council) in Amsterdam, and 28 national and regional offices around the world, providing a presence in over 40 countries.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email

“Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.”
Greenpeace International


Frequently Asked Questions:

Wisdom, Unity and Working Together

Why will this approach succeed in solving the world's problems?

If the world's problems can be solved by countries uniting and working together towards their collective common good, why aren't any of the world's politicians 'currently' doing anything to make this happen?

Understanding the Psychology:

Which is wiser: To 'solve the cause' or put all your resources and time into trying to deal with the hundreds of resulting symptoms?

Let's be honest...

What about Voting, Petitions, Protests, etc? Don't they ever work?


Global Statistics:

This section will include global statistics very shortly.

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