Political Leadership Standards

Political Leadership Standards

Political Leadership Standards

Why is it necessary?

  1. Fixing the majority of the world’s problems can only be achieved through unity and wise leadership. Are politicians wise?
  2. What Political Leadership Standards exist to ensure government leadership is based on wisdom, vision and doing what is right?
  3. Is a ‘popularity contest’ really the best that we can come up with when selecting people to ‘run a country’?


In a nutshell…

There are NO Independent ‘Political Leadership Standards’. This results in a world of problems and corruption.
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When is a politician ever assessed for their level of wisdom, intelligence, IQ, understanding of the core issues behind the world’s problems, their vision to solve these global issues, or actual ability to do the job well? Never! Any person with the money, influence and completely the wrong intentions can become a politician regardless of how ignorant or corrupt that person is. These flaws in the system are exploited again and again. Because of this, politics has become a dirty word. It has become corrupt and politicians/political parties are often for sale to the highest corporate bidders.

Corruption and ignorance has resulted in a great deal of cynicism about politics. This is due to having no independent political leadership assessment standards in place.

Politics needs ‘wise people’ with integrity and humanitarian values
How do you ensure that you maintain the essential ideals of democracy but greatly improve and raise the standard of government throughout the world?

Political Leadership Standards.

Wiser government requires wiser people. It’s that simple. And ensuring that you always have wiser people in government, requires assessment standards to test for that wisdom. With no assessment standards, the whole political process is left completely open to abuse, self-interest and corruption and that’s inevitably what always happens.

Political Leadership Standards


“How can the world possibly improve if our political leaders lack the wisdom and leadership skills to know how to truly improve it?”

Doctors, Surgeons, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, Dentists, Pilots, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Engineers…you name it. For very sensible reasons, these people must ALL meet significant capability ‘standards’ BEFORE they are even allowed to officially perform their job role in society. Why should politicians be exempt?

Political Leadership Standards would represent an essential and ‘major improvement’ to the failing political systems in the world today. They would simply require those who wish to enter political office, to at least first prove that they have the necessary skills for such an important job. Surely this is not much to ask considering that virtually everyone else in society is required to meet pre-requisite standards for their job roles.

Politicians hold what would have to be, the most important job roles in society. They are responsible for millions of people’s lives! And yet they only have to win what is no more than a ‘popularity contest’ or election to get their job. Does this seem very wise to you?

An ‘election’ is not a standard. These days it is no more than a very expensive ‘marketing and promotion campaign’ where candidates read ‘prepared speeches’ and attempt to sell themselves and their ideas to voters.

If you are going to elect someone into political power, why not first be absolutely sure that they are capable of doing the job well. Why not assess their wisdom? Why not assess their IQ? Why not assess their understanding of world events and the problems that humanity faces today? Why not make sure that they really do have the skills for the job and are capable of being a ‘great leader’? Why settle for people that continually always lack these skills?

How can the world possibly improve if our political leaders lack the wisdom and leadership skills to know how to truly improve it?

Let’s face it – if they did have these skills, this website wouldn’t need to exist at all (and we’d much rather it didn’t) – because they would be doing their job! There would already be real peace, wisdom and security in the world – not the insanity of governments selling weapons for profit or making other foolish decisions based on ignorance, corruption or other negative influences.

Political Leadership Standards act as a ‘safeguard’ against politicians that lack wisdom and integrity. They also allow voters to truly recognise if the person that they are considering voting for, actually has the wisdom and intelligence for the job. They GUARANTEE leadership of the highest possible standard!

The PLS Model – How it needs to work.

An effective model would be based on at least three levels of assessment.

Level 1 – Wisdom and General Knowledge

The aim of this assessment is to verify that the candidate has a diverse appreciation and knowledge of the many subjects that are relevant to a government leadership role. All candidates would require an intelligent mind and balanced emotional state in order to pass this assessment test.

Candidates would be quizzed on a wide range of relevant subjects – wisdom, IQ logic and rationale, their understanding of the cause’s behind the world’s problems, local and world issues, leadership values, economic factors and their influence, religions and their influence, the environment, the mind and its effect in the world, etc.

As a brief example, the ‘wisdom section’ may ask the following question.

Q. In your own words, explain what the following statement means to you – “You become someone only when you realise that you are no one”.

Why are these kinds of questions so important? Because depending on how the candidate answers it, this one simple question alone can tell you a great deal about the person. It can expose how wise or ignorant the person is, how egotistical, how genuine or false, how intellectual or arrogant. It can give you a completely transparent insight into the state of their mind. Just that one question! Imagine what asking 20 such questions will reveal.

In the monetary policy section, you may ask the following question.

Q. In your own words, explain the pro’s and con’s of a ‘competitive economic system’. How does competition compare with cooperation?

The results of a candidate’s assessment test in these areas would be made public for any general election. This is to allow voters to be fully informed and where relevant, for political interviewers/commentators/reporters to cross-examine answers that lacked any wisdom and/or are completely wrong. Applying such an open standard is also important in helping to deter any person that may want to go into politics for the wrong reasons.

PLS Assessment

Independent PLS Assessment

This approach also offers the added benefit of people discussing and debating ideas that relate to wisdom in a political forum where they need to be better understood and appreciated.

Level 2 – Background Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to validate what exactly the candidate has done in their life to justify holding such an important leadership role. What humanitarian causes have they advanced? How have they served their fellow man? What is their vision for humanity? How do they spend their free time? What kind of personality/character do they possess?

Integrity can often very easily be assessed by one’s past roles or actions. It is also a quality which is completely transparent to a wise person. This is based very much on the actuality that ‘it takes one to know one’. Wise people with integrity and understanding will ALWAYS recognise the same qualities in other people. And they will most definitely recognise when those qualities are not there.

Level 3 – Voter Assessment

Voters still have the final say. The point of such independent assessment tests is to provide voters with more useful and valuable information on the candidates that they will be electing. If candidates have some glaring faults, these will now clearly show up for all to see.


Ask yourself this – how many of the world’s leaders would be in their roles today if they had to meet such assessment standards?

PLS is also designed to address the ‘vote and hope’ factor in politics today. People vote – and then hope for good things from the leader and political party – and inevitably end up disappointed. Under the PLS system, candidates are screened for the necessary skills of wise leadership. This would prevent any person from using the political system to further their own personal, egotistical or economic interests. The PLS system would be completely ‘independent’. No political party would have any authority over it. It would be run by an independent, open standards organization.

Political Wisdom - Graphic

The key quality missing in political leaders today is ‘WISDOM’. This system would definitely address that problem.

Wise leadership will always lead you to peace, cooperation and unity in the world. Ignorance on the other hand, will always lead to wars, competitiveness and distrust between countries. So to spot wisdom or ignorance in your political leaders, look for these signs. Does your leader encourage unity, global cooperation and peace in the world – or does he/she use threats and aggression to try and achieve their objectives?

When politicians are required to meet political leadership standards, you do more than just protect the future. You guarantee a better and safer world for everyone.

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