International Representative Government

International Representative Government

International Representative Government

Why is it necessary?

  1. It ‘unifies humanity as one people’. For the first time in our history, we would now be working together in global cooperation towards our common good – instead of competing AGAINST each other.
  2. Only with true ‘unity and cooperation’ between all countries can you achieve ‘real peace and security’ in the world and solve a great majority of the other global problems.
  3. Without it – due to the ‘competitive self-centred economic structure of society’ – war, violence and suffering will only continue.

International Representative Government

In a nutshell…

Step 1 – UNITY
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As an example only, consider the existing model of the ‘European Union’ which currently represents 27 countries ‘collectively working together towards their common good’. There needs to be unity just like this – but inclusive of ALL countries.

Step 2 – WISDOM
There also needs to be wisdom. This is essential and can be achieved by implementing ‘Political Leadership Standards’. These practical assessment standards prevent issues of corruption, self-interest and other common problems that plague existing political systems today. You want to ensure that only people with the highest principles of humanity – people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and similar such inspiring role models – are the kind of representatives involved in such an important Organisation.

IRG Model
With true unity combined with wisdom, you now have the basis for an ‘International Representative Government’ that will work – and work extremely well!

International Representative Government


“If the unification and cooperation process of the ‘European Union’ can create peace and cooperation in Europe, isn’t ‘world peace and cooperation’ just as achievable when ALL countries unify and cooperate towards their common good?”

In today’s world, there is no real cooperation or unity of purpose at all. Countries, Governments and Corporations compete AGAINST each other in a constant battle for economic power and control of the world’s resources.

This leads to endless wars, political feuds, anger, retaliation, distrust and many other acts of unnecessary ignorance. But all this can change. Consider for example the unification and cooperation of countries throughout Europe due to the implementation of the European Union (EU). It may be far from perfect due to it lacking a ‘wise leadership framework’, but even this imperfect model ‘guarantees’ a peaceful alliance between all membership countries due to their collective interests now being aligned with one another. If you extend this model to include ALL countries in the world – but build into it a ‘wise leadership framework’ – you have the basis for an ‘International Representative Government’ to serve all countries and protect all people.

This new cooperative framework would guarantee an end to all wars throughout the world just like the forming of the EU guaranteed an end to all wars throughout Europe as clearly referenced on the EU website. This is because all countries are aligned to the same goals and objectives. Humanity will have finally achieved true peace in the world and a new era of discovery and exploration would then begin.

There are also many other great benefits to having a ‘global cooperation model’ like the IRG in place. Here are just a few examples:

  • Environmental policies that benefit all countries could be implemented immediately. Clean energy and technologies clearly offer great health benefits to everyone – including the planet. No individual government should be allowed to selfishly block such changes due to its own greed or self-interest as has often happened in the past.
  • Solutions to health problems like cancer and clean-energy technologies could be found a lot faster. In a more ‘cooperative model’ like the IRG, some ‘scientific and medical research’ would be shared more openly to help find solutions to existing problems a lot faster. Due to competitive economic self-interest, this rarely is the case today.
  • The threat of humanity destroying itself through nuclear war would no longer exist. A government model built on a foundation of unity, cooperation and ‘working together towards the common good of all’ is a much wiser solution to achieving peace and security in the world. Too many governments use fear, threats and other aggressive practices which never encourages peace or better relationships. True peace can never be achieved through fear. Fear only ever leads to distrust and acts of violence and retaliation.
  • All National Governments would be required to fully respect the Human Rights and freedoms of their people. Authoritarian governments should never be allowed to imprison or punish people for holding peaceful protests.
  • There would no longer be any dictatorships, terrorist or extremist hate groups.
    With the IRG acting as a ‘new cooperative role model for peace and unity in the world’, any such groups or people would be immediately isolated and renounced for their ignorance. They would lose all support. In a wiser, fairer and more respectful world, why should any person be opposed to peace and progressive prosperity for all?
  • The sensible ideas of hundreds of NGO’s would now be fully implemented. Historically speaking, NGO’s often have humanitarian objectives and good ideas that can benefit the world as a whole. However many can find themselves struggling to implement their goals due to the opposition of political parties or individuals who are funded by corporate or special-interest groups. This kind of ‘politics for hire’ behaviour has been a serious problem with politics for decades and never seems to change. It is often why people have become so fed up with politics and politicians. Such corrupt behaviour constantly compromises both the integrity and common-sense decision-making in governments. The IRG would therefore have the authority to override National Governments in relation to all ideas that are considered valid and that would clearly serve to protect and improve the greater good of humanity. Remember – the IRG is there to serve and protect ‘humanity’ – not any individual government or corporate interest.

There are many other great benefits to having an International Representative Government that is focused on protecting and improving the lives of ALL PEOPLE. Most important of all however, is that all countries would now be committed to a common purpose and direction that serves them all.

Why else is it essential?

It’s not just that national governments tend to put self-interest before all else. It’s also that the world is based on an economic system of ‘competition’ – pitting countries and people AGAINST each other! It is a winner/loser practice which encourages governments, businesses and people to adopt an ‘everyone for themselves’ attitude setting them in conflict with each other. This system is very ignorant and has led to many wars over the centuries and many other social problems that exist in the world today. It needs to be urgently transformed into a new system of ‘cooperation’.


Competition Model (Destructive)
Cooperation Model (Supportive)

The current model encourages:

- Countries to be self-centred
- War and violence
- Power struggles for economic control
- Greed & wastage of resources
- Environmental destruction
- The extinction of planetary species
- Trade controls and injustice
- Wide divisions between rich and poor
- Exploitation and slavery
- Resentment & distrust
- Countries to act selfishly for themselves

The proposed model would encourage:

- Countries to work together for good of all
- Peace and unity
- Global Cooperation
- Sharing and the efficient use of resources
- Environmental Conservation
- The protection of planetary species
- Economic fairness and justice for all
- A good lifestyle for all people in the world
- Respect and freedom
- Teamwork & trust
- Countries to cooperate as a whole

What the IRG would manage to achieve, is that for the first time in human history, we would all finally be working together towards our common good. The world simply does not function like this today. It’s very much a ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality – with governments, corporate companies, and even individuals trying to out-compete their ‘competition’. This ‘self-centred’ (me-first) behaviour which plagues all levels of society creates endless problems. A new system of integrated cooperation needs to be put in place which binds the goals of all governments and countries together, requiring them to work towards their common good.

A new era of wisdom, peace and cooperation

Imagine a ‘declaration for world peace’ signed by the world’s leaders, committing humanity to a new era of global cooperation, unity and peace. Now ask yourself – is this really so difficult to do?

If someone asked YOU to commit to a world of global peace and unity, with all countries working together for the ‘common good of everyone’, would you do it? Astonishingly the great majority of us reply ‘YES’. So why hasn’t it happened? What is standing in our way besides our will to make it happen?

Just for a moment – put aside any cynicism and disappointment you have in politicians not doing the right thing when they should. We have all felt the disappointment of watching governments and politicians fail time and again to deliver any real substantial and beneficial change to the state of the world with everyone blaming everyone else. Clear your mind of this negativity. Look to your heart. If you know that humanity needs to truly work together to achieve peace – then ACT. It’s very easy to be cynical – but its far wiser to act on what you know to be right! Join the TEAM now. You have nothing to lose and yet all of us working together on this have so much to gain. We need your support. When you join this initiative, we’ll let you know how to get more involved if you’d like to, and outline exactly how we intend to make this plan work!

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