Achievement through Teamwork

Today…You can make a difference!

This website is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. It’s your opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

TEAMHUMANITY has 3 objectives or goals – the first needs to be implemented at the ‘International’ level, the second at the ‘National’ level, and the last needs to be applied at the ‘Individual’ level.

In a nutshell…

These 3 changes are needed to significantly improve the state of the world.

1. International Representative Government (International)
International Representative Government
First of all, for any real peace to exist there must be unity between all countries. They must all be working together towards their common good. This requires an ‘International Representative Government’ with the authority to implement the necessary global changes to help protect and improve the lives of everyone. Learn more…

2. Political Leadership Standards (National & IRG)
Political Leadership Standards
Second – a new set of standards for political leadership is necessary to ensure that such an influential Organisation is based on wise leadership – NOT the typical political mentalities common today. Due to the benefits of this model, it will ultimately filter down to National Governments when people start to appreciate the benefits. Learn more…

3. Teaching Wisdom in Schools (Individual)
Teaching Wisdom in Schools
Lastly – individual wisdom needs to improve across the world. This can be achieved by helping people to better understand their minds, which allows one to address self-centred behaviour, deal with relationship problems, and to address many other acts of general ignorance in society today. Ultimately ‘a society can only be as great as its people’. Learn more…

First let’s be very clear about something – we are completely serious about these objectives!

Regardless of how big these goals may first appear to be, when approached wisely and logically – they are actually very achieveable. A great deal of time and energy has also been spent considering the various strategic issues and obstacles that will occur along the way. Based on this consideration, a clear plan has been formulated which we intend to implement step by step, until all the dots have been joined together from start to finish. It is important that you should know this. We are starting down this path with a clear idea of the objectives and a very realistic understanding of the challenges.

Secondly, in case you think these ideas are too challenging, then consider this – on a smaller scale, a similar working model already exists! It’s called the European Union (EU) – a collection of countries cooperatively working together for their common good. Now if you stay informed about international politics, then you’ll also know that the EU is far from perfect. It has been plagued with leadership problems, currency challenges and corruption scandals. But even against all those odds – such an ‘imperfect model’ has still managed to bring peace to Europe due to the ‘cooperative alliance of the countries’. Imagine how much more successful it could be if the leadership standards were significantly improved.

The EU model forms the basis of the right idea – it simply needs to be scaled up and the approach to its leadership structure significantly improved. Wise Leadership is the most important thing of all – and that is ALWAYS the key factor missing from governments worldwide. It is the one thing that holds the true potential of humanity back.

The problems that also plagued Europe in the past, are the same problems that still plague the world as a whole today. The majority of them are due to the fact that countries compete AGAINST each other for economic power and control of the world’s resources – be that oil, gold, copper or whatever. Clearly an economic system that pits humanity AGAINST itself, is both foolish in design and completely destructive in its effect.

Due to the financial aggression between countries, it’s not however just people that are paying the price of such ignorance. With each moment that passes, the world’s environment and its wonderfully diverse range of species are also being destroyed and exterminated. Now – we can all just stand by and do nothing as this disaster continues to unfold around us – or we can stand together and stop it from happening. It’s up to you. We want you to stand with us – to work together with us – to make a real difference.

You have the power to change the world simply by standing together with the rest of humanity and giving your support to implement these essential objectives. It’s time for all of us to adopt a wiser and more cooperative approach before the international problems escalate out of control.

I can assure you, that you are not alone in your hope for a better life and a better world. We all share the same core human values, but the truth is, we can not achieve this world that we all want, without working together.

So JOIN US and show that you are willing to support the idea of ALL COUNTRIES WORKING TOGETHER, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE.

With your support – we will make this happen!


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