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Before we discuss any of the roles, please bear the following in mind.


When this model has been developed, it will serve as a replication model for all other locations. So at this stage, unless you live in London (or easy travelling distance to London), we are only taking applications of interest which will be followed up at a later date.

For a number of reasons, it is important to implement an effective model with the relevant resources in one strategic location first – before looking to establish too many global sites.

Thank you for your understanding.

Here are some of the requirements that will be necessary for any of these roles:


  • You have a professional attitude, are able to be objective at all times, and will make a commitment to work to project timeframes to the best of your ability.
  • You have the necessary professional skills that are appropriate to any of the following roles.

We would encourage you to initially take a closer look at the general strategic plan before making any decision as to whether you would like to get more involved. If that strategic plan makes good sense to you, and you have some free time and the necessary professional skills to help, then we are off to a good start.

The Roles:



    To contribute in this role, you will have to demonstrate a very strong ‘psychological awareness’ of yourself and humanity in general. The challenges to implement the objectives will principally be ‘psychological challenges’. For this reason, you need to be someone that is capable of implementing sensible down-to-earth solutions to some of the psychological challenges that will need to be resolved along the way. You should be mentally adept and able to appreciate viewpoints from people of all backgrounds, beliefs and personality styles. It is expected that such a person will have a well-rounded, balanced personality with a professional respect and attitude towards others at all times.

    PLEASE NOTE: These are very important roles which require the right combination of wise leadership, professionalism and people skills. Expectations will be set ‘very high’. You will be required to complete a set of Assessment questions as well as provide examples of any historical work that demonstrates your commitment to improving society and representing the highest of humanity’s values. Please only apply for this role if you are confident that you have both the wisdom and professionalism to support your application.
    To apply for this role


    The operational objective of the Organization is to professionally represent the ideals of what wise leadership, teamwork and cooperation can achieve. Even so, in the current economic model, those standards will still need appropriate financial resources to help achieve the core objectives. In this respect, we will be looking for people that have experience with fund-raising for non-profit organisations. We already have a number of ideas which will be implemented as we proceed, but if you have experience in this field, then we would like to hear from you.
    To apply for this role



      Web Marketing Specialist:

      Getting the message out to people is obviously pivotal to the success of achieving the objectives. This role will require experience with a range of media marketing tools.

      To contribute in this role, you will ideally have the following knowledge, experience and/or skills:

      • You may be currently working in a Web Marketing role or have relevant experience
      • Conversant and knowledgable about current and developing web technologies like CSS3 and HTML5
      • Social Media and Viral Marketing experience
      • SEO, UX, Web Analytics, Email A/B Campaign Management strategies, etc
      • Someone that is both knowledgeable in traditional and modern web marketing techniques

      Graphic Designers/Web Designers/Developers:

      The website is very important as it reflects and represents the professionalism and vision of the Organisation. It has the ability to inspire and create confidence in the ideals and objectives that we are focused on achieving. There will be an ongoing need to develop new content for the site which will always need to be of a professional standard.

      To contribute in this role, you will ideally have the following knowledge, experience and/or skills:

      • You may be currently working in a Web Designer/Developer role or have relevant experience
      • You can provide examples of portfolio/scripting work you have done previously
      • You will ideally have specialist skills in any/or many of the relevant subjects – Php, WordPress, CMS, Graphics, Flash, DTP, CSS, HTML5, etc.

      Video Creator/Editor:

      There will be an ongoing need to develop a range of video’s for both educational and marketing purposes. This role would incorporate a great range of video filming and editing skills – filming events, editing the footage, posting the footage on the relevant TEAMHUMANITY Channel, creating mini docs, filming interviews, etc.

      To contribute in this role, you will ideally have the following knowledge, experience and/or skills:

      • You may be currently working in a Video Creator/Editor role or have relevant experience
      • You can provide examples of Video Compilation/Editing work that you have done previously
      • You have an interest in producing professional, educational mini-documentaries

      To apply for the role

For all of these roles, your attitude and commitment is far more important to us than just your professional experience. So please keep that in mind if you’re interested.

Remember – These are volunteer roles initially. As they are all important to the success of achieving the core objectives, we will patiently wait for the right people with the right attitude. So if you feel you have the right attitude and skills for any of these roles, then we want to hear from you.

Thanks for your support.

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