The Key Message:

We need to Unite!

The ANSWER to humanity's problems has always been right in front of us!

Unity is the solution

"The combination of 'global unity and wise leadership' is the key to solving the majority of world's problems."

The Wisdom of Unity

Wise people help unite the world. They recognise a simple truth - that only a 'united world' can ever be at peace.

Global Unity = World Peace. It equals an end to all war and conflicts.

“When ALL Countries Unite and Work Together...who is there left to fight?

Only a United World is capable of real wisdom - as a united world works together in true cooperation for the common good of ALL PEOPLE. Do the organs in the human body compete against each other - or WORK TOGETHER in cooperation for the common good of the WHOLE BODY?

How can any true peace or cooperation be achieved when Countries, Governments and Corporations compete AGAINST each other for their own 'selfish interest'?

While humanity remains internationally divided AGAINST itself, and economically competing AGAINST itself, how can any real peace be achieved?

During a more 'forthright' media interview, Kofi Annan himself highlights the disunity in the UN and the typical self-interest of some of its members that became contributing factors to him resigning as the Syrian Peace Envoy.

Kofi Annan mentioning the UN disunity and immature behaviour

What is the Principal Goal?

The principal goal of TEAMHUMANITY is to implement 3 key objectives which will profoundly improve the state of the world.

How will they be achieved?

Achieving these objectives requires cooperation and teamwork between people that truly want to significantly improve the state of the world. This process has already begun.

To find out more about how these objectives will be achieved, take a closer look at the following:

The 'World of Wisdom'

Developing our wisdom offers us the opportunity to improve every aspect of our life and to develop the skills to fully understand how to address the global challenges that we are faced with today.

Wisdom can transform your life. It can also ensure that every decision made by political leaders is for the right reason - and it can help unify the world. Learn more...

The World of Wisdom

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

- Victor Hugo

Wisdom Teachings:

Wisdom is simply a skill. It can be learnt by any person that is willing to question and contemplate any subject which they want to more fundamentally understand.

Some of us have great scientific wisdom. Others psychological wisdom, medical wisdom, etc. Here are some teachers of wisdom with views about life.

Teaching Wisdom in Schools:

This website outlines the importance of implementing a subject on human wisdom in Education Systems worldwide.

Professor Robert Sternberg
For any idea to gain greater acceptance in society when it is not yet common place, it always helps when people in different professions happen to share similar such views.

Here Professor Robert Sternberg highlights his thoughts in an article entitled 'Teaching for Wisdom In Our Schools'.

Z-Day London 2013

The Invitational Talk took place at the South Bank University in London, 2013 at the annual Z-Day Conference. The Talk was titled - TOGETHER - How we can solve the world's problems by utilising our ‘Collective Wisdom’.

What's the first step to uniting the world?

The first step is for humanitarian-focused individuals, groups and Organisations - regardless of size or numbers - to start linking up.

Link Up - Help Unite the World!

It's your World - What kind of world do you want it to be?

Imagine a world led by wisdom, unified through cooperation, and that makes intelligent and efficient use of technology in all areas of society. What does it look like?

In one respect, a bit like this: -

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*While we are completely independent and don't specifically endorse any commercial company - when one demonstrates a great sense of vision like Corning has done here - then that vision should be shared.