How can I help?

Thanks for wanting to help make a difference!


Help Wanted

To positively transform the state of the world so that everyone benefits, will require great teamwork and cooperation from all of us. This is where you can help make your contribution.

Instead of individual NGO’s, charities and humanitarian causes all struggling against an economic system of self-interest which tends to oppose common good, we want to unite the humanitarian people power of all Organisations and help them all achieve their objectives through the International Representative Government for the people.

National Governments have today lost their way. They are too focused on self-interest. They are also ineffective when trying to address serious global challenges that affect all of us due to their focus on self-interest. Only a global Organisation based on a wise leadership framework can unite our common humanity and allow us to truly work together towards our common good.

So how can you help?

We completely understand that in today’s world, many of us have time constraints, family commitments, etc. So we have put together a list of options which will enable you to participate in this global transformational process in whatever way you are capable.

We welcome whatever support you can offer. EVERY positive contribution – no matter how small – takes us one step closer to achieving the key objectives. As the roadmap unfolds, these options will update accordingly. Take a look below to see what you can do right now.

Thanks for helping to make a difference.



Spread the Word

Spread the Word


Getting the word out to people about the need for international cooperation and teamwork to address the global challenges is obviously of primary importance.

What’s your social media tool of choice? Facebook…Twitter…Email? Whatever you like best, help us get the word out to others about this global initiative for real peace, unity and cooperation in the world.



If facebook is your preferred social media tool, just send out the word to your friends.

Google Plus


Google+ is another great media tool for getting the word out to people. If you’re a Google+ user, please let other people know about this site.



Prefer to communicate by mobile? Tweet to let your followers know.




Or what about good ol’ reliable email. We are totally committed to achieving the objectives but can’t do it without your support. Please complete the form below and send it to people you know. They should be people that really care about seeing a significant improvement in the world.

Thanks for your support.

Join the TEAM

Join the TEAM


We are currently in the process of building International Teams to spread the word about the key objectives of TEAMHUMANITY.

If you would like to get directly involved in this process, please consider submitting an application for a suitable role.




Encouraging all countries to work together towards their common good begins with just small international groups working together towards that objective.

Meetups are designed to allow people to find out more about the TEAMHUMANITY Organisation if they would like to get more involved. To encourage a relaxed and friendly environment, these normally take place in a cafe or coffee shop depending on the size of the group. To find out when the next Meetup is in your local area.


Wisdom Library


Buy yourself a book!

You can help us by helping yourself. We are steadily putting together a library of recommended authors and books relating to wisdom and greater understanding.

For now, this is in partnership with Amazon – currently just with Amazon UK. However, this will soon include other worldwide sites as well.

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