Following are a list of handouts that you are free to use and distribute as you please.

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1. The General Strategy

- An overview of how the objectives will be achieved.

The General StrategyThis 11 page document shows the general strategy and approach that will be taken to achieve the core objectives.

2. The Key Principles (LSE Talk)

- Wisdom: The missing factor in Government and world leadership.

The Key PrinciplesThis 4 page document provides a general overview of the key principles of this website. It is from a talk given at the London School of Economics (LSE). It outlines why the lack of ‘wise leadership’ is the core reason behind the many problems that exist in the world today. It shows that if we were to just address this one key issue, we could in fact resolve the many problems that we face. This includes the environmental issues, world poverty and starvation, wars, greed, corruption, unfair trading, etc.

3. Comparing the Two Models (Competition vs Cooperation)

- A visual comparison of the two models side by side.

Comparing the Two Models (Competition vs Cooperation)This 1 page document presents a comparison between the competitive economic model and the proposed cooperation based model. It shows how the psychological effects of countries that compete AGAINST each other for economic and competitive control of the world’s resources has also led to the destructive problems that has plagued humanity for centuries. Only through unity and cooperation can there be an end to these destructive behavioural patterns.

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