Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are a range of questions about TEAMHUMANITY, our objectives and the subject of wisdom in general. You can also submit a question if you’d like.

The Objectives:

International Representative Government (IRG)

Why is it necessary?

Why is it so 'psychologically' important?

How realistic is it that all countries can work together towards their common good?

Political Leadership Standards (PLS)

Why is it necessary?

Why is it so 'psychologically' important?

Are political leadership standards 'anti-democratic'?

Teaching Wisdom in Schools

Why is it necessary?

Why is it so 'psychologically' important?

Achievement through Teamwork



What is the purpose of TEAMHUMANITY?

What is our practical philosophy?

Is TEAMHUMANITY in any way anti-religion?

How do I support unity and global cooperation?

What is the Action Plan?

What is the strategic plan to implement the TEAMHUMANITY objectives?

Where governments fail to do the right thing, people have often stepped up to try and make a difference. There have been New Age Movements, Peace Rallies, International Aid Concerts, etc. However, many of these approaches have failed to make any significant long-term impact. Why is this approach different?

How do you get people with so many different thoughts and beliefs to work together?



What is 'Wisdom'?

Is wisdom actually personal?

Is wisdom related to age?

What is the purpose of life?

What does it mean to be the best human being that one can be?

Why are we here?

What is the difference between content labelled Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?


Which system is better - Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Sovereign rule...?

Common Misunderstandings:

Unless there are regular wars, conflict and disease, global population will grow beyond sustainable levels.

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