Why are we here?

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This video poses some thoughts about Humanity’s role in the big scheme of things and is narrated by Morgan Freeman.


What is the role of humanity in Life’s big plan?

After hundreds of centuries, we are still struggling to demonstrate sufficient maturity as a people. We still commit acts of war and violence. Some in the world are excessively greedy and always want more. Others pay the price for their greed and end up living in dire poverty, struggling every day of their life. This lack of wisdom and compassion in the world has also been leading to the destruction of the Earth’s natural habitat. What does it take before we are prepared to say – enough!

Having now evolved as a species with one of the most advanced intellect’s on the planet, we have a responsibility not just to each other, but to all life forms that share this planet with us.

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Due to its more advanced intellect and capability, humanity has a natural 'responsibility' to protect the planet and its life-forms.

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